Children´s Tour

Autíčko Vojta

The route also includes a shortened variant intended for children. In the children's tour there is an original guide, it is the car called Vojta Škoda from the famous automobile family of Mladá Boleslav. The reduced route includes 7 stops with infopanels in which you can hear children's voices recorded by the car called Vojta. Children will gain some interesting information related to the history of this automobile factory, theatre, Bohemian Brethren, two churches and the Old Town Hall - all presented amusingly. The Metal Trail has been created in several languages. The map is available at the Tourist Information Centre in Mladá Boleslav.

Wandering with Vojta through Metal Trail

 In the Tourist Information Centre and ŠKODA Museum, you can take a ikona souborucompetition brochure which makes children wandering more diversified. You can see a lot of puzzles, challenges, drawings and questions on the Metal Trail.

 If you complete the tasks, you will get a reward as playful surprise. You can take the reward at the Tourist Information Centre in Železná Street.

How does it work?


 In the competition brochure, you can find a task on each stop related to the children route of Metal Trail. After completing your tasks, you can pick up a stamp in an appropriate office.

In these institutions, you can also get small cars which you shall carefully store - they will be handy in the future!

 Answers to some questions are available in a child's record on infopanels of each stop. Sometimes, you will have to search more, for example you will have to listen to the spots recorded for the adults or ask experts in the museums and institutions.

 Good luck!


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