Educational Trail

Metal Trail

Come and join us in walking along the path of the Metal Trail through Mladá Boleslav! You will discover valuable historical monuments, natural beauty in the heart of the city and local architectural treasures. Then you will realise why we sing: "Boleslav, Boleslav ...beautiful city!"

Why is the path called the "Metal Trail"? Don’t worry! You won’t  have to listen to heavy metal music on your walk!☺ The name of the trail is derived from the English word "metal" which is "kov" in the Czech language. The information panels all along the Mladá Boleslav Metal Trail are beautifully decorated with metal elements created by the artistic blacksmith, David Szalay.


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Stops on the Educational Trail

The educational path in Mladá Boleslav is called the Metal Trail. It is 7 km long and includes 16 information panels. This trail leads to many historical corners of the city and highlights attractions that are normally hidden from the eyes of tourists. The route also includes a shortened variant intended for children. There is a free Children's Guidebook available in the Škoda Museum and in the city's Tourist Information Centre.  

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Other Metal Trail Stops

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Detailed Map

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Museums and galleries

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Attractions and interesting sights

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Infocentrum Mladá Boleslav

Information Centre of Mladá Boleslav

Information on sights, culture, transport services and accommodation in the city and surroundings. Shopping with maps, tickets, brochures and printed materials. Provision of printed cultural monthly-issued magazine of Mladá Boleslav city, copying services, laminating and spiral binding.  

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