Metal Symposium

The Metal Symposium is a unique international event at which it is possible to observe the artistic skills of blacksmiths from different European countries.The metal sculptures from symposiums held in previous years now adorn the city of Mladá Boleslav. The annual Metal Symposium is aimed at the revival and valorisation of the existing Mladá Boleslav Metal Trail, in order to gradually build up an art gallery in the public space in the City of Cars.  

About the Symposium

Metal Trail and Metal Symposium are very closely associated. The blacksmithing event entitled Metal Symposium was originally intended as a promotional event to support Metal Trail. Metal Symposium is a unique international event, where visitors can watch artistic blacksmiths and metal sculptors from various parts of Europe and now even from all over the world while they create their artworks. The intention was to invite five artists, each from a different country, to create one statue each during the five-day event and leave their artworks in Mladá Boleslav. Except for dimensions of their artworks, artists had a free hand as regards their creative work, and if their idea was good, we overlooked even a slightly excessive size.

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Wooden benches

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Promotion of the Metal Trail has always been one of the objectives of the Metal Symposium. Artists we invite help to raise awareness of our town on their websites and on social networks by talking about their travel to our town and about their artworks being installed in Mladá Boleslav. In addition to this promotion, we also hoped that the public space would become more attractive for tourists, as well as the local residents.

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Previous years

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