Latifa Sayadi, author: Petr Cerva

A participant from the Czech Republic cancelled two and a half months before the symposium. This was a problem, as most people’s schedules were already full. We contacted several artists, but they were not available, as we had expected.

We opted for a less conventional approach and posted a challenge on Facebook. Artists were invited to send their proposals to win the last available place in the Metal Symposium 2019. The challenge was mainly popular due to former participants, who recommended the symposium to their colleagues. Offers arrived from various places, including Iran. Nes, the French artist participating in 2018, recommended Latifa Sayadi. Latifa Sayadi sent her proposal for the “electric chair”, including a list of materials. We were glad to see that someone practical responded with a practical proposal.

Latifa Sayadi lives and works in Portugal but when she arrived at Mladá Boleslav, we found out that she comes from Germany and Tunisia. Although Latifa Sayadi is a fully-fledged blacksmith, she has a special requirement – electric cables in various colours. Her requirements regarding blacksmithing materials were quite standard.

As the artist needed a helping hand, students of the Industrial School benefited from the unique experience while assisting in creating the artwork. Despite the help from the students and school staff, Latifa was pressed for time. Being a true professional, she continued in her work until it was completed while others enjoyed the final reggae concert by the band Švihadlo.

For more information on this artist see:

Latifa Sayadi, author: Infocentrum -GK

Latifa Sayadi

Latifa Sayadi - Elecktrické křeslo, author: Infocentrum GK

Latifa Sayadi - Elecktrické křeslo

Latifa Sayadi - Elecktrické křeslo-student

Latifa Sayadi - Elecktrické křeslo-student

Latifa Sayadi - Elecktrické křeslo, author: Infocentrum -GK

Latifa Sayadi - Elecktrické křeslo

Latifa Sayadi - Elecktrické křeslo-student, author: Infocentrum -GK

Latifa Sayadi - Elecktrické křeslo-student

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