Promotion of the Metal Trail has always been one of the objectives of the Metal Symposium. Artists we invite help to raise awareness of our town on their websites and on social networks by talking about their travel to our town and about their artworks being installed in Mladá Boleslav. In addition to this promotion, we also hoped that the public space would become more attractive for tourists, as well as the local residents.

In 2016, we invited not only blacksmiths and sculptors working with metal, but also woodcarvers, who created several benches. We began to seek new additions to the program. We wanted to find something new that would make the Metal Symposium yet more attractive and perhaps draw tourists to our town. The Metal Symposium was leaning towards street art. But how could we find artists actively working in street art?

Malování v garážích 2022 Bondy, author: Zdeněk Kolín

Vladimír Tůma – The Underground – Bondy Centre

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3D malba Skalní města Českého ráje 2018, author: Patrik Proško

3D painting Rock Towns of the Bohemian Paradise 2018

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Malovaní na stěnu SD - Kovo 2018, author: Gérard Keijsper

Wall painting SD – Kovo 2018

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Malování v garážích 2019, author: Gérard Keijsper

Painting in garages 2019

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3D malba Nejsme tady sami 2019, author: Gérard Keijsper

3D painting We Are Not Alone Here 2019

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3D malba Leonardo da Vinci 2021, author: Jan Jírovec

3D painting Leonardo da Vinci 2021

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Malování v garážích 2021, author: Zdeněk Kolín

Painting in garages 2021

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